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Temari Balls

Yesterday I went to a Dare to Dabble session, which we were able to hold outside.  We were making a Temari ball, which is a Japanese craft.

It begins with a polysterene ball which is covered in thread - ours had been precovered which saved half an hour at least.  The first task was to insert marker pins at the north and south pole and then eight pins equally spaced around the equator.  My equator ended up as a bit wavy.

After which threads are placed which run from pole to pole past all the pins on the equator, therefore dividing the ball into eight segments.  A further thread is run round the equator.

After which more pins are placed half way between the equator and the two poles on each of the lines and the first line of pattern is made with thicker thread.

Further lines are added

Until the desired pattern has been achieved.

It is then possible to remove some of the pins, but I left mine in as I felt they added to the decoration.

Tags: crafts

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