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This LJ blog now contains mostly ramblings on life, the world and everything.  I aim to post five times a fortnight.

My fics can be found here The Small Hobbit on AO3 and currently major on Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes (ACD canon) and Lewis (TV).  My other popular fandoms include Spooks (MI5) and Robin Hood (BBC).

Sunshine Challenge - Day Seven - Zephyrus

Day 7 of [community profile] sunshine_challenge Zephyrus is the god of the west wind and apparently the bringer of the gentle winds of spring.

However, as a Brit, the west wind brings the rain, which for those in the west of England means directly from the Atlantic Ocean, and even having dropped some of that water over Ireland and Wales, there's normally plenty left for us.

It will come as no surprise that I have written a number of fics which feature rain:

Summer Murder in the Rain
, which is a Lewis casefic

Watching the Rain a ficlet where Dr Watson is looking out of the window

Avoiding the Rain is another ficlet where a modern day Hamlet is trying to avoid his mother

Sun After Rain is John Thornton/Margaret Hale from BBC North & South set a few years after their marriage

Kissing in the Rain is Spooks, Lucas/Adam, the title says it all.


Sunshine Challenge - Day Six - Amphitrite

Amphitrite is goddess of the sea.  (Day 6 of [community profile] sunshine_challenge )

I like the sea.  We don't go as often as we might, but it involves at least 90 minutes travel each way which is a lot of time out of a day out.

However, here are a few photos:

Selsey Bill, taken November 2014

Bridlington May 2019


I've written a number of fics set at the seaside or on the coast, including:

Summer Holiday
which is Sherlock/Greg Lestrade (BBC Sherlock) plus their two children part of The Unexpected Family

Various Sherlock Holmes (ACD) ficlets, like the latest chapter of Ferret and Friends  and The East Wind which is set at the end of His Last Bow.

And for my Spooks AU series Love in All Seasons Lucas and Adam the retirement era season has them living not far from the sea and frequent visitors.


Sunshine Challenge - Day Five - Pan

I have written one ficlet featuring Pan: it's Wind in the Willows, with Portly the Otter Drawing Him On

I've written a few fics while listening to music, mainly Spooks: The Café de Paris (1940s music), Once in a Blue Moon (Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake), To Catch a Spy (again 1940s, Sanditon crossover).  There's also a BBC Sherlock fic A Trip to the Ballet (Tchaikovsky, Nutcracker).

I enjoy music and old-fashioned musicals, and also ballet/dance performances, particularly with my love of Matthew Bourne's New Adventures.

Earlier this week I finished the last of four monthly online Re-Connect sessions (for the over 55s) run by New Adventures, each of which was based on their production of Swan Lake.  Those were excellent - two hours of movement.  I'm now looking at doing some online ballet classes with a different organisation and have a free class in a couple of weeks time to see what I think.


Sunshine Challenge - Day Four - The Furies

My response to today's prompt for [community profile] sunshine_challenge 

The idea of the avenging furies might appeal, but vengeance does not necessarily achieve justice.  A younger child remorselessy teased by an older sibling may physically lash out because unable to respond any other way and be told off for it - but who is the true guilty party?  The world is not black and white, people are complex, and we are all, in part, influenced in our sense of right and wrong by our society and upbringing.

There is always the question of who should be believed.  Rich or poor; male or female; white or black? 

I agree that societies need to set rules, but the question remains, who sets the rules and what criteria do they use? 

And yes, I do like detective fiction.  I like the puzzle and the mental stimulation without any stress.  And I like my detective to be concerned for the murder victim as a person and not just or what they may represent - especially when they may be deemed expendable.

So, for my replacement for the furies, I shall name ACD's Sherlock Holmes, John Watson and Inspector Lestrade - almost certainly as now seen via fanfics where some of their outdated attitudes are no longer present.

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Made It!

We've had our final Brownie meeting of the term and of our academic year.  Hooray!  Hopefully this will also be our final ever zoom meeting, but no-one's holding their breath.

Flamingo had prepared a fun quiz for them, which they enjoyed, and they all learnt that my favourite fruit is raspberries - no-one guessed that!

Then Doodles presented four Brownie Bronze awards and two Silver awards.  This is done by 'magic', whereby Doodles passes a certificate into her screen and a parent slides an envelope in front of the Brownie, who opens it to find their certificate and badge.  It seems a bit trite, but they all really enjoy the presentation and smile broadly, which shows how much difference even a small personal touch can make.

We go back in September, when things should be easier and we know what we can do.  Hopefully!  Doodles was thinking we should reduce our numbers from 24 to 18, on the basis that if we have to revert to zoom next winter this will be easier.  It also makes spacing a bit simpler.  We talked it over and I suggested we say we'll trial this until half term (at the end of October) by which time things should be a little clearer.  We won't get rid of any of the girls (although there's one we'd all very willingly lose), but not fill spaces.  The other point we shall make is that at least half the pack has joined since the beginning of the first lockdown and has no experience of how we run a face-to-face meeting, so it would help to get them settled first.

I've applied for another grant to help with our annual subs because otherwise we are going to have financial difficulties.

Lastly, here's my Brownie bag with all my badges finally sewn on:


Sunshine Challenge - Day Three - Hecate

Recently, I've been reading a number of books by Patrick Hamilton, which all feature night-time life.

This poem is a response to today's theme of the night, and inspired by Hamilton.

And through it all the night runs dark
Fortunes are lost, the choices stark
And lives run dry

The opium den gives hope to some
Takes pain away, leaves sense numb
As addicts lie

Bar goers leave with unsteady pace
Longing for when they can route retrace
And more drinks buy

And above all the black of night
Cares not what happens far from the light
Unfeeling sky